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Agricultural Company Agrirape: Marmalades and jams naturally tasty

28/09/2018 - Agrirape jams and marmalades are entirely made with company produced fruit, sugar and lemon juice, without adding any preservative. Leonforte peach extra jam: Very sweet, aromatic and perfumed, the Leonforte peaches a true jewel of the Italian agriculture. White peach jam: it is taken from white peaches belonging to the "settembrino bianco cultivar" "Albabella" apricot jam: it is obtained from the fruits grown in the company orchard without using any chemical insecticide. These are ancient local fruits varieties, re-discovered by Giuseppe Manna and able to produce fruits endowed with exceptional organoleptic properties. Prickly pear extra jam: an outstanding jam with a strong and sweet taste, typical of the cooked prickly pear aroma. Sicilian red oranges jam: realized with "tarocco" and "moro" oranges varieties with a very characteristic taste given by the exclusive use of red oranges. Tangerines extra jam: made exclusively with Sicilian tangerines, it has a very delicate taste. Light orange color, very limpid and lightly liquid because of the low temperature cooking and the absence of added pectine. Lemons extra jam: made using only high quality and very aromatic Sicilian lemons, which are harvested and processed within few days. Like the tangerines jam it is liquid due to the low flame cooking and the absolute naturalness of the product.

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Leonforte yellow peaches jam - 350 gr
7.90 €

Apricot jam - 350 gr
8.10 €

Prickly pear jam - 360 gr?
7.80 €

Tangerine marmalade - 360 gr?
7.90 €

Lemon marmalade - 360 gr?
7.90 €

Red orange marmalade - 360 gr.
7.30 €


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