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Forno Astori: research and recover of ancient wheat varieties from Biologic Agriculture

10/09/2017 - All the wheats are cultivated following the biologic method, the grinding for the white flours is made through many passages in rolling mills and for the raw flours through slow rotation natural stone made millstones. At Forno Astori the production is made exclusively adding the flour to the natural yeast, the first dough is made using machines at low speed rotation and then the loafs are worked manually and let rising on wooden boards. After the cooking in wooden oven, the breads are made cool down in osier baskets. Besides a rich assortment of different kinds of soft wheat, raw, white, durum wheat, spelt, rye,gamut and 5 cereals breads, the oven produces breadsticks, biscuits, melba toasts and taralli always using only biologic raw materials.

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Pane Biologico di Grano Duro Cotto a Legna 500 gr.
4.50 €

Pane Biologico con Farina di Farro Cotto a Legna 500 gr.
4.00 €

Pane Biologico con Farina ai 5 Cereali Cotto a Legna 500 gr.
4.00 €

Pane Biologico di tipo Pugliese cotto in forno a legna - 500 gr.
3.50 €

Pane Biologico con Farina di Segale Cotto a Legna - 500 gr.
4.00 €

Pane Biologico di Grano Tenero integrale Cotto a Legna - 500 gr.
4.00 €

Grissini artigianali Bio di Grano Tenero - 250 grammi
4.00 €

Grissini artigianali Bio di Grano tenero al Sesamo - 250 gr.
4.00 €


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