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IGP Red Onion from Tropea now available

13/06/2018 - The Red Onion from Tropea Tropea, the Calabrian picturesque village cliff on a clear sea, offers its renowned onion for its delicate, sweet taste and above all its ease to digest, which has remained unaltered since the times of the Phoenicians sailors. Cultivated between Nicotera, in the province of Vibo Valentia, Campora San Giovanni, district of Amantea, in the province of Cosenza, along the Tyrrhenian area and mainly produced between Briatico and Capo Vaticano. The substances contained in the ground of this area makes its pleasantly sweet and not bitter, the shape is round or oval. Ideal for sautéed, mix salads with fresh cherry tomatoes, olives and oregano. It can be the main character in many specialties, also in a marmalade or to add flavor to sauces.

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